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Meet The EC Sports Team


Earl Christy

Earl Christy played Football in the NFL for 3 seasons from 1966-1969, playing in the greatest upset in Super Bowl history when his friend Joe Namath gave the famous Guarantee that they would win over the favored Baltimore Colts, and on January 12th, 1969 in Miami, Florida, they pulled it off, making Earl a Super Bowl III Champion with the New York Jets.

Once Mr. Christy left the NFL, Earl started ECSports in Chicago. After producing the show for 20+ years, Mr. Christy met Dion in 2000 and mentored him through his official Retirement in 2005 where he handed our current Chief of Content

the reigns of the show. Earl now resides in Tampa, FL and his legacy will continue. 


Dion Williams

Sports Director / Chief of Content

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I was born and raised in Chicago during the Jordan era,

I had no choice but to love athletics. I've always been a fan of sports radio and TV; so when I met Earl Christy in 2000,

it was supposed to happen.

Being mentored by Earl and learning from him, a Super Bowl champ, instilled in me unwavering knowledge of the media sector. I have covered the NBA, NFL, Celebrity games and more thanks to EC Sports. As I step in to this new generation of athletes, media personalities and technology, i'm ecstatic to elevate my new squad to the next level in this business.


EC Sports will always and forever be a blessing to me.


Danny Malakismail

Chief California Correspondent

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I always told myself no amount of money motivates me in the journalism/media field. It is about the passion, recognition and the feeling I get every single time I am about to do an interview, fire up a podcast, or go on camera. I would consider my self "Gritty yet Innovative."


 With over 8 years of Journalism and Media experience I have explored many different facets and outlets of the field.

From writing for multiple sites and creating blogs to

developing a weekly sports show and radio show during

my time at CSU-Stanislaus. I have always looked at

spreading my message of sports in a variety of ways.

Being versatile is key.


I am the West Coast Contributor, producer, and reporter of ECSports. Having said that, I have roots tied to both Chicago and California (Northern CA/Bay Area) It gives me a different perspectives and views on sports in different regions. I have covered everything from High school athletics to collegiate to professional in California (Northern California/Bay Area/Parts of SoCal). Expanding the ECSports Brand is something I've always looked at as my end goal. 

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